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Poetry Excerpts from Snapshots

The Guru’s Rude Awakening

I’m in my favorite house, still a part of the scene.

There’s my large-screen TV, my indoor putting green,
my closet of Gieves & Hawkes outfits and hand-tailored robes,
and here my wife Tashi and consort Niobe
chatting together on the sofa like old friends
looking right through me, not feeling my hands nor hearing me lovingly calling their names.

I’m in the realm of lost souls, where people stay
when their attachment to life is too strong,
a sort of in-between space, neither here nor there,
no sort of place for anyone, least of all someone like me.
I know the score, that we are empty of any inherent reality
and yet appear like the moon on the water.
I taught that for years, and yet here I linger.

I didn’t achieve rainbow body, nor go into the light
or even catch the moments when I had the chance.
I lay down on my ear like the Buddha
with my most favoured students around
and when I woke up I was here, unseen, unheard,
unable to get a drink or even get in a word
with these two women who adored me.

You there, pray that when you pass
you realize the meaning, and dissolve in bliss
and don’t hang around like a trophy, like this.

17 July 2010
Jim Lindsey

The Anchorwoman’s Lament

I dreamt the events of my life would be news

and I would report them and win the awards.
Most Likely to Succeed, my classmates voted.
Most Beautiful was what I coveted.
I preferred being adored.

At the station, I made anchor.
It was half of my dream, never more.
The stories came to me and through me
like wind through a tunnel, like hot air
from elsewhere. Viewers ogled me of course

and my billboards distracted commuters.
The Japanese guy at the fish counter
always greeted me as if we were friends.
But it was never my story
and in the end, I got too old.

You think this is my story, but no
I still don’t have one of my own.
I try to remember myself

as someone who married and loved.

I’m glad I don’t show up in mirrors.

10 July 2010
Jim Lindsey

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