• The day Jim rowed 25 miles on the open Atlantic to benefit a young Canadian cancer patient

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Books by Lindsey


Available October 2013

ROWGA – THE YOGA OF ROWING, From the ever-present sun in one man’s heart into our sometimes cloudy day comes this inspirational yogic view and practice, illustrated with stunning ocean photography. Rowga is a book to have always in reach, whether to browse for encouragement or to read in its entirety again.

We all have an indestructible sanity, if we only knew it. The ocean can show us this sanity because it mirrors the vast expanse of greater mind. When rowing on the ocean is meditation, the body thrives and basic purity of mind reveals itself.

Rowga is unique in that you do it on the ocean – the very element of uncertainty, the epitome of spaciousness, the birthplace of being. Unlike Hindu-derived yogas, the prime focus of Rowga is meditation. Unlike Buddhist sitting meditation, Rowga attends to the health of the body, in an age where most people are already sitting their lives away in the workplace.

Rowga, The Yoga of Rowing, is intended to help us experience a healthier mind and body, so we can leave the endless suffering of confused mind in our wake and realize the openness and well-being that is ours from the very beginning.

Literary Paranormal Suspense

THE FLAW IN THE FABRIC, Book 1 of a Travellers Guide for Lost Souls (published by SeaStorm Press as an ebook; ISBN 978-0-578-08113-7;

The Lost Souls series is a literary, paranormal suspense set along the Granite Coast of Nova Scotia from present day back to bustling 19th century Halifax. In book 1, The Flaw in the Fabric, Raymond Kidd is in love with two women, which is unusual only because they live a hundred and fifty years apart, and he has no warning when he is going to be transferred from one to the other. Along the way he encounters lost souls, otherwise known as ghosts, for whom he must write a travellers guide. Hear the story of his dilemma, and revisit the dynamic world of bustling nineteenth century Halifax, in the disturbing tale of The Flaw in the Fabric, Book 1 of A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls.

SNAPSHOTS FROM THE IN BETWEEN, A Companion Volume of Verse to A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls

The In Between is the realm of lost souls, those who have passed from this life but not entered the next. Normally we call them ghosts, and think of them as scary, because they might haunt us, but really they are mostly normal people stuck in an awkward oblivion, one so close to their previous lives that they cannot help but be painfully aware of all that goes on there. Snapshots from the In Between are the condensed stories, in verse form, of a number of these lost souls, as transmitted to the author in a state of deep contemplation, in which they remember the particular circumstances of their unlikely incarceration. They have not been given a life sentence, or a death sentence, but an indeterminate sentence, one which, as far as they can tell, may never end. What is left to them but to sing of their predicament to anyone who will listen?”

  • Available October 2013

  • Book 1 of A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls

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